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Synopsis-writing service

About us

Commission a synopsis which will present your manuscript in the best possible light for submission

Are you ready to submit your synopsis and sample chapters to agents or publishers, but worried about whether your synopsis is letting you down? A good synopsis is an essential part of the submission package, as very few agents or publishers will look at a complete manuscript. Some writers find it really difficult to synopsise their own work effectively so they can feel confident that the synopsis presents their work in the best possible way.

This service was introduced by popular demand. For it to work effectively, the work in question will need to be in good shape and ready for submission, so we really only advise writers to consider this service when they are ready to find an agent or publisher.

The editor will need to read the complete manuscript in order to write the synopsis, which should be no more than 1,000 words long. We recommend a one-page synopsis for US submission and a two-page one for submitting in the UK, so do tell us your plans.

On non-fiction manusripts we have a higher charge to reflect the greater complexity of the material, but the service will work along the same lines. We are not setting out to provide an outline for an unwritten book, since only the writer can do that. Please bear in mind that most non-fiction is sold on outline.

The editor producing the synopsis will be an experienced professional with many years of experience in editing and the writing skill to put together a synopsis of your work.

Send your manuscript in Word to as an email attachment.

What it costs

The fee for the Synopsis-writing service is calculated in relation to the length of the manuscript. In the case of this particular service the time it will take to write the synopsis required may be greater than the reading time, which is why the fee is relatively high. This fee is payable in advance.

For fiction manuscripts up to 100,000 words in length the fee will be £180, for 100,000 to 150,000 words £210 and for 150,000 to 200,000 words £240.

On non-fiction manuscripts we will have to assess the ms first, but please bear in mind that the fee will be higher than for fiction.

Fees are payable in advance.

Please send your manuscript as one unzipped Word file.

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