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Welcome to Writers Services


We're delighted to welcome you to WritersServices' site. We've been going since 2001, which is why we have more than 8,000 pages of advice, information and services on our site. When we started, writers were focused on finding a publisher, now you might equally well be intending to self-publish or to publish online.

We have expanded our services accordingly and our range of 20 services is listed on our Services page. We deliver our services through a team of experienced professional editors. As well as a full range of Reports, a Submission Critique and Contract vetting, we also offer 6 Copy editing services, including Copy editing, Manuscript Polishing, Writer's edit, and Proof-reading. If you are not a native English speaker, our Translation Editing service will help you get your English up to scratch. Other services are Scriptwriting assessment and our Children's Editorial Services. You can commission us to write your Blurb or Synopsis, or to Type your book if it's in handwritten, typed or audio form. We also have a Poetry Critique service and a unique Poetry Collection editing service. Another new service is PhD Editing.

If you commission a report and the editor reports favourably on your manuscript, we're happy to recommend you to an agent.

Our Resources provide a vast amount of essential information for writers, including the 10-part Inside Publishing series, WritersServices Self-publishing Guide, the Essential Guide to Writing for Children and An Editor's Advice. We review relevant websites and offer hundreds of links which are of special interest to writers.

Our international Agent Listings are freely available, so browse through them to decide who to submit your work to.

Our special pages for writers - over 60 at last count - can be found through links from Advice for Writers. Help for writers gives an even wider range of what's available on the site.

To keep up to date with the rapidly changing world of publishing and find out about all the opportunities available to writers, just drop in on the site. What's New is our weekly update.

Join the Writersservices site by registering (it's free!) and you can keep your own bookmarks to useful pages on the site, see what's been added since you last visited and sign up for the weekly newsletter. This is a great way of getting links to writers' news stories from across the world, updates about the book business, comment from writers and articles about writing. Please sign up here.

Whether it's preparing for publication, finding a publisher or agent, or checking out new links, just click on the links in the top nav and then in the drop-down boxes to dig down into the site and find what you want.

Welcome to WritersServices - we hope you like our site.