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Your Computer Chair


Your chair is probably the single most important component of your working environment. You should select and adjust your chair first as it will affect how you position your keyboard and monitor.

To set it up properly, pull the chair away from the desk. Start with the chair at its highest setting, Sit down and lower the seat until your thighs fit easily under the desk and your feet rest on the floor. You might need a footrest or a stack of old phone books to rest your feet on. If the seat is too soft, you might be putting too much pressure on your knees and nerves. There should be no significant pressure on the back of your knees. The seat surface itself should be flat. Some padding is nice but not essential.

You should be able to sit comfortably in the chair with as much of you in contact with it as possible. This allows the pressure to be spread. The part which you sit on should be just a little larger than you. If you overlap, add a cushion. The lumbar support should fit comfortably into the curve of your lower back, and your feet should be flat on the ground (use a footrest if necessary). Your legs should be able to rest on the floor or something solid without applying pressure to the back of your knees. Adjust your sitting posture and stretch from time to time. Your thighs should be roughly parallel with the floor.