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Whats new: 8 August 2022 - What's new 8 August 2022
  • ‘Gone are the days when authors could afford to be reclusive, knowing that their publishers would be active on their behalf. Nowadays, authors are routinely expected to be performers, salespeople and marketers all at the same time.

Her touching verses about heartbreak, fat-shaming and body hair have made her Britain's most-followed poet on social media - and now she's heading for TV

IN 1978, BILL GROSE, editor-in-chief at Dell, decided to make a star of a young author from San Francisco. Grose was a thumper of novelizations from popular film and television, a fan of media tie-ins, a man with his finger in the air to feel the direction of the wind.

Author Anthony Horowitz has said it's wrong "writers are running scared" due to a fear of offending, elaborating on comments he made earlier this year at Hay Festival.

Beloved creator of Fungus the Bogeyman and Father Christmas brought a distinctive strain of melancholy to the genre

Link: The Good Little Pig Problem 8 August 2022

Why readers on TikTok love this sentimental slop

Learn how to write a poem through seven easy to follow steps that will guide you through writing completed poem. Ignite a passion for poetry!

As a writing coach, most of my clients come to me after months, years or even decades of trying to write a book on their own and floundering.

I doubt you need to be told you should be reading more. There's a good chance you struggle to make time for reading, and it feels like just another obligation, like hitting your daily step goal, or drinking more water.

Crime fiction is as popular with writers as it is readers. Fans of the genre often try their hand at writing the gripping noir and twisting tales they love. But writing crime fiction comes with its own unique challenges as crime readers demand tight plots, dark settings and gripping mysteries...

If you open up any one of hundreds of news stories of rightwing "parents' rights" groups trying to have book removed from schools for having queer characters or mentioning the existence of sex, you might notice a common refrain: "We aren't banning books.

American horror novelist Stephen King is taking on a new monster: corporate consolidation.

The author was the star witness in an anti-trust trial to block the two biggest US publishers' $2.2bn merger.

The US Department of Justice called on King to testify about how the proposed tie...

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