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Health Hazards


In the past writer's cramp and eye problems plagued writers. A writer these days is going to spend a lot of time at their computer. These pages are designed to help.

These pages assemble the available advice and will include:

  • Medical problems known collectively as Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI.

  • Your working environment and office equipment.

    • How to you check the set-up of your working environment

    • You must have a good chair

    • Establish good work habits

  • Eyes and how they work

    • Make it easy on your eyes

    • Why and when we need glasses

  • There is a choice of input devices.

    • These can affect your working position

    • They can save the amount you have to input

You have to interpret all the information sensibly

  • People, computers, desks, rooms and chairs are all built differently.

  • You will frequently find that you cannot obey all the 'rules' you are given.

But, if you absorb the information from this series, it will help you recognise potential problems and point yourself in the direction of a solution.

There is a golden rule. 'If it hurts or aches, you need to change something in your working environment.' If the problem persists, seek expert help. Do not ignore the problem. It will not go away by itself.

Some pages are devoted to preventing RSI. Cure is difficult once damage has been done